Chicken Liver Pate with Orange

Chicken Liver Pate with Orange
chicken liver pate with orange

Chicken liver pate with orange  is smooth and silky with a delicious bright orange flavour that you’ll want to just slather onto some toasted sourdough or your favourite cracker.

Inexpensive, quick to make and freezes perfectly for those times you need a quick nibble for entertaining.

chicken liver pate with orange ingredients on a marble bench ready to prepare

We have a famous brand pate in Australia, and this recipe was developed by a previous Masterchef contestant who decided he liked it so much he wanted to try to replicate the recipe. Well, we think Hayden Quinn has done a pretty good job and we’ve added the zest to bring a little extra note to this delicious pate.

Cooking the livers

The most important thing is not to overcook them. Sear livers in a hot pan for only a minute or two on each side. The livers should be set but still rosy pink inside (not raw). Cooked this way, the livers are silky where cooking them longer the texture becomes chalky.

chicken liver pate with orange livers sautéing in frypan with butter
sauteeing the livers


Verjuice, literally means ‘green juice’ and is made from the juice of unripe grapes. Use it as a gentle acidulent wherever you might find lemon juice or vinegar too tart.

Give it time

Pate needs time for the flavours to mingle and marry. This pate is best eaten a day or two after preparing, when the flavours have time to develop.

chicken liver pate with orange

Watch How To Make It

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What’s your go to favourite pate recipe? We would love to hear from you in the comments below when you make this chicken liver pate with orange.

Chicken Liver Pate with Orange
Yield: 2 cups

Chicken Liver Pate with Orange

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

This pate is everything you want. Flavoursome and smooth with a note of orange zest that adds to the delicious flavour.

The gelee cap is entirely optional.



  • 150ml (5 fl ounces) port
  • 50ml (1 1/2 fl ounces) verjuice
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 2 cloves
  • 2 juniper berries
  • 1 stick of rosemary
  • 2 sprigs of thyme
  • 30g (1 ounce) butter for sautéing the livers
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 large brown onion, thinly sliced - (not shown in video or ingredients)
  • 250g (9 ounces) fresh chicken livers, separated of any fat
  • 25ml (1 ounce) brandy or cognac
  • 175g (6 ounces) room temperature butter
  • finely grated zest of 1 medium orange
  • 1/2 teaspoon fine white pepper
  • 1 teaspoon salt

Gelée Cap - optional

  • 1/2 cup port
  • 1/4 cup verjuice
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons powdered gelatine



  • combine the port, verjuice, garlic, cloves, juniper berries, rosemary and thyme in a small saucepan
  • bring to the boil and reduce by 1/3
  • strain and discard aromatics and put to one side
  • melt butter and add onion and cook till translucent
  • add livers to onion and sauté livers for 2 minutes either side
  • add brandy and cook for 1 minute
  • transfer mixture to a food processor
  • add 1 tablespoon of the liver cooking juices
  • add port reduction, butter, egg, salt and pepper
  • blend till smooth
  • strain liver mixture through a fine sieve - optional, see notes
  • stir through orange zest
  • pour into ramekins
  • refrigerate until cold and set
  • pour gelée over the top of the pate and refrigerate until gelée is set
  • pate is better after 2 days as the flavours marry
  • serve and enjoy!

gelée - optional, see notes

  • heat the port and verjuice over low heat for 3-4 minutes
  • stir the gelatine in a cup over 2-3 tablespoons of cold water and stir till softened
  • place gelatine cup into just simmering water and stir till dissolved
  • add gelatine to the port and verjuice reduction and stir to combine
  • allow to cool
  • gently pour the gelée mix over the top of the pate ramekins


  • straining the pate is optional, however there are always 'bits' that won't blend, and straining removes these 'bits' makes for a very smooth pate
  • making the gelée is completely optional, you can just pour some melted butter over the top but we like how it presents with the geleé and juniper berries

Nutrition Information



Serving Size


Amount Per Serving Calories 64Total Fat 2gSaturated Fat 1gTrans Fat 0gUnsaturated Fat 1gCholesterol 71mgSodium 309mgCarbohydrates 5gFiber 1gSugar 2gProtein 3g

Nutritional information provided here is only intended as a guide.


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