About us

Jen in Brunie

Jo’s having a bad hair day and doesn’t want to be in the photo………… watch this space.

Hi there. We’re two sisters from the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia … Jo and Jen or the JJ’s if you like.  Jo and I grew up with a love of cooking and experimenting with new foods and flavours, a love fostered by our mother Noela, who loved to experiment with different cuisines. Mum would add her own little bit of this or that to make her own winning recipes.

Some of our earliest memories are of time spent around the kitchen table, which was a meeting place for any and all who happened by. Mum and Dad were a magnet to people and of course when you have five children to feed and any extras that may have dropped in, you have to get a little creative in the kitchen. Sadly, for Jo and I our mother Noela rarely wrote a recipe down, consequently we have very few recipes of mum’s documented. We often find ourselves matching notes on how we remember one of Mum’s winning recipes tasted.

Perhaps that’s why Jo has collected recipes for years and planned to compile them into a recipe book called.. you guessed it RECIPE WINNERS. However, as the years have rolled by so has the technology so here we are with our own recipe website. If we can share with you through our recipes the warmth that food memories can invoke and hopefully, inspire you to pass on the legacy to your loved ones, then we will have done our job.

Thank you for dropping by, we hope you enjoy what we’ve cooked up for you.

You’re probably wondering who the good looking guy in the photo is. Let us introduce you to Cooper or Coo Coo, our 14 week old Golden Retriever. Being a golden retriever, Cooper is extremely interested in food. It seems only fitting that he joins us on our food journey also. Coo Coo is often under foot when we’re trying to do a shoot. He has been known to steal a tasty morsel should it be in reach. As Cooper gets older he is often found sitting on the back steps, locked out for the time it takes to photograph the days cook.


This is my sad face

Feeling very sorry for himself whilst he waits patiently for the gate to open.

This is my happy face

Happy face after I stole Jen’s breakfast. It was delicious.

Cooper the golden retrieve showing his happy face