Holiday Season Finger Foods

Chocolate and almond toffeed dates

Celebrate the Holiday Season with 10 of the Yummiest, Quick Finger Foods

Who wants to spend all of their time in the kitchen over the holiday season? Not us! That’s why we’ve put together these quick and easy holiday season finger food recipes to keep you out of the kitchen and enjoying time with your family and friends. Every recipe here can be prepared ahead of time, with most plated and waiting in the fridge and some just need to be popped into the oven for a quick bake so they can be served fresh from the oven.

Quick and Easy Finger Foods


parmesan crisps
Parmesan Crisps

Parmesan Crisps

Perfect with a glass of bubbles or wine. Parmesan cheese crisps are a complete winner! These little babies are a snack to make using store bought grated Parmesan. Perfect for the holiday season and ridiculously easy to make.

Asparagus with Prosciutto and Blue cheese are a terrific holiday season finger food served on a white platter

Asparagus with Prosciutto and Blue Cheese

Asparagus with prosciutto and blue cheese is great as an entree, side dish, or party finger food! Super quick, tasty and easy to put together. Put these on your holiday finger food menu and youʼll be one happy host.

Deviled eggs with smoked salmon are a terrific holiday season finger food served with water cress on a silver tray

Devilled Eggs with Smoked Salmon

Retro devilled eggs with smoked salmon are back in vogue. Easy to make and quite economical theyʼre a great finger food and probably the first to go at any party. Devilled eggs are a real crowd pleaser. They are such an elegant bite (well, maybe two bites), that’s worthy of any appetizer plate. Little wonder they are popping up on trendy bar menus around the world.

cheats gourmet sausage rolls on a baking tray are an easy holiday season finger food

Cheats Gourmet Sausage Rolls

Sausage rolls are always a party favourite and with these little guys in your recipe arsenal you’ll be one very popular host! Quick and easy to make, be sure to put them on your party menu.

Smoked Mackerel Pate served on Blinis with water cress are a lovely holiday season finger food

Smoked Mackerel Pate

Super quick with no cooking involved, smoked mackerel pate is delicious and easy to make. The oiliness of the mackerel becomes a plus along with the cream cheese and mayonnaise which results in a creamy texture. It blends the rich smoky flavour of the mackerel, that marries so well with horseradish, gherkins and chives. Delicious finger food or let everyone help themselves and serve as a starter!

No holiday season is complete without cheese and caraway shortbread biscuits served as a finger food

Quick and Easy

Cheese and Caraway Shortbread

These crisp and buttery cheese and caraway shortbread biscuits are ridiculously easy to make. Just throw everything in the food processor, whiz for a minute, roll, slice, bake and voila these cheesy little bites are ready to go. So simple and very affordable, you’ll resist buying an expensive pack of gourmet cheese biscuits for these tasty little bites. With the salty savoury cheese flavour they are a great little drinks nibble, and packaged make a beautiful, delicious and hostess worthy edible gift.

Haloumi fries with roasted garlic, anchovy and caper sauce are a terrific holiday season finger food

Haloumi Fries with Roasted Garlic, Anchovy and Caper Sauce

Our recipe for haloumi fries with roasted garlic, anchovy and caper sauce is a complete winner! Hot, golden crumbed, chewy, salty haloumi. Topped with roasted red capsicum strips, slivers of raw red onion and this amazing sharp, zingy lemony sauce all served on a  crisp cos lettuce leaf. Amazing! This is a stunning holiday season finger food, and for those guest’s who are gluten free it’s easily converted.

holiday season finger foods are not complete without cheese puff tarts on the menu, looking all golden

Cheese Puff Tarts

Cheese puff tarts are an entertainers delight. Buttery and flaky pastry filled with a delicious little hot cheese and caraway filling. Super quick to make, and they can be frozen ready to bake whenever you want. Perfect finger food!

smoked salmon pate with quick pickled cucumbers makes a fabulous finger food for the holiday season

Smoked Salmon Pate with Quick Pickled Cucumbers

Smoked salmon pate is so easy and delicious youʼll wonder why you donʼt make it more often. Throw everything in the food processor, blitz, then fold through some more salmon and gherkins and voila youʼre ready to serve. Too easy and very tasty!

Perfect for the holiday season,  picnics, parties or spread on your morning bagel, it’s incredibly easy to make and can be prepared ahead. Grab a baguette and a chilled bottle of wine and you have a luxurious pate for a hot date night.

Chocolate and almond toffeed dates served on a silver tray make the perfect finish to the holiday season finger food list


Chocolate and Almond Toffeed Dates

For guests who like a little something sweet to finish off with, try passing a platter of chocolate and almond toffee dates around, we doubt the platter will get far around the room.

OMG! They are a complete winner. Fresh, plump and soft Madjool dates filled with a silky and creamy chocolate ganache, stuffed with whole roasted almonds, then dipped in a toffee casing…..perfect  for the holiday season! You have to make these!


Cooper – check out the Cooper button at the top!

This is the beginning of the story of Cooper.

Our new baby, on his first day at his new forever home. Coops wasn’t sure about his play pen or the stuffed toy,’ pup dog’,  who was about as big as he was, a few barks and a good shake and Coops had pup dog sorted.

Coopers 1st Birthday portrait.

Cooper looks so well behaved you say! Actually just out of shot is a tasty morsel being dangled to keep his attention. Works every time!

Cooper, our Golden Retriever dog - looking very attentive as he waits for a treat

Spoke too soon, Cooper getting tired of waiting for that tasty morsel. He’s so like a child, with a very short attention span! Notice the small shaved area on his front leg. We had been to the vet for a check up and necessitated a little shave for the needle.

OMG. Just look at that little face. So cute!


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