Christmas Salads

Christmas Salads

Christmas salads are a huge part of our Christmas feast and as it’s just around the corner we thought we’d like to share our most popular, and tasty Christmas Salads with you.

There’s salads with prawns, lobster, salmon, beef or vegetarian so hopefully you’ll find one, or two to add to your menu.
Festive, fun and fresh are what these winners are all about.

Christmas Salads compilation of salad recipes

This year we’re going to celebrate with our family picnic style. We head down to the Noosa woods where the mouth of the Noosa River meets the Coral sea.

There’s shady casuarina trees and soft grass, the sea just metres away, or the river on the other side of our picnic spot for those that want a gentler swim.

We take our kayaks and everyone brings along Christmas Salads and we celebrate without crowds.

We’ve celebrated our Christmas this way for the past three years and it works beautifully for us. Though this year we’re bringing our Christmas feast forward by three days due to everyone’s extended family commitments.

It’s a wonderful way to avoid the craziness of shopping closer to the big day.
Our mum Noela was a Christmas Day baby, Noëleena Mary Josephine. Now you can’t get more Christmassy than that!

Thai Mango and Lobster Salad as part of the Christmas Salads compilation

Mangoes say summer is here and this Thai mango and lobster salad says delicious. Mangoes and seafood marry so well and this is a combination we love. Sweet mangoes and succulent lobster tails teamed with avocado, asparagus, mint and coriander along with a spicy lime dressing. All these fresh clean flavours combine to deliver a fabulous flavour burst. What’s not to like?

Lobster to us always says a little bit of luxury so we think this salad would be perfect to add to your Christmas Salads for the holidays when a little bit of indulgence is required.

roasted sweet potato, avocado and pickled ginger salad as part of the Christmas Salads compilation

Roasted Sweet Potato Avocado and Pickled Ginger Salad smacks of full on flavours. Roasted, and caramelised sweet potato, nutty avocado, sweet pickled ginger, and a host of fresh ingredients, all doused with a fantastic basil dressing. Seriously, what’s not to love?

Prawn, pesto and chargrilled capsicum pasta

Summer is perfect for serving pasta salads and this prawn, pesto and chargrilled capsicum pasta straight out says summer. This is a dish that goes together quickly and looks like you want to dive in. The taste is fresh, clean and vibrant on the palate.

We served this salad as a main course for friends followed by our  italian lemon almond and white chocolate cake  served with chilled Prosecco with a dash of aperol. A perfect hot weather, stressless menu and winning combination for one of our Christmas Salads

chilli caramel salmon salad completed and served on a white plate with black border

Chilli caramel salmon salad is a fantastic salad for a summer menu. Fresh, crunchy, healthy salad with steamed salmon and a knockout Vietnamese dressing with garlic, chilli and fresh lime. What’s not to like? This clean and zingy salad completely delivers for a summer luncheon menu that is refreshing, tasty and packed with bold Asian flavours.

white peaches with prosciutto salad

White Peach and Prosciutto Salad relies on premium produce. Simple quality ingredients married together is all this delicious salad needs. This is a salad that we make throughout the stone fruit season when sweet juicy peaches and nectarines are in peak season.

The salty prosciutto marries perfectly with the sweetness of the peaches, and the peppery baby rocket brings its own welcome addition to this simple but stunning, tasting salad. Add some rich vincotto dressing to the rocket leaves and you’ve got a party of four ingredients that were made for each other.

authentic thai beef salad

Authentic Thai Beef Salad You don’t have to travel outside of your very own kitchen or deck to make this refreshing mint and cool cucumber salad, with thin slices of rare, chargrilled beef.  Tossed with a lime and chilli dressing  that dances with the ingredients, the sum of the parts comes together to create one of the best salads you’ll ever enjoy. 

Spicy Red Lentils with Capers and Currants

Spicy red lentils with capers and currants is one of those salads that’s so good, in so many ways. Let’s talk about flavour. It is mildly spicy, with a clean fresh taste thanks to the currants and capers. It’s extremely portable which makes it great picnic fare.

tomato, burrata, basil and prosciutto salad

Tomato, burrata, basil and prosciutto salad could not be easier to make. Simply slice tomatoes and toss in oil, salt and pepper, pull burrata apart, pluck some basil leaves. Drape the prosciutto around and drizzle with balsamic vino cotto. A good grind of pepper finishes this five minute salad. Voila! Too easy.  

mango and red onion salad

Mango and red onion salad says summer is here and we’re so glad. Mangoes are one of summers highlights in the food arena. Kensington Pride mangoes, here in Australia, are the best all round mango for flavour and aroma. This salad is super simple to prepare, but it totally needs full flavoured mangoes to deliver.

easy egg and bacon potato salad

Easy egg and bacon potato salad is sensational. It wouldnʼt be summer without barbeques and it wouldnʼt be a barbeque without potato salad. Waxy potatoes, crunchy sweet and sour gherkins, piquant onions, hard boiled eggs and crispy bacon along with the best mayonnaise makes it a complete winner. It pairs perfectly with any grill, barbeque or potluck, making this our go to side dish for any warm weather get together. It’s also a must have salad for Christmas that pairs perfectly with baked ham.

No-Mayo Potato Salad

No-mayo potato salad is a healthier alternative to potato salads made with a heavier mayonnaise dressing.  It’s a potato salad that’s a classic with lemon and dill, and the potatoes really soak up the delicious fruity olive oil and dijon mustard dressing earning this salad a place in our Christmas Salads list.

Asparagus with Prosciutto and Blue cheese

Asparagus with prosciutto and blue cheese is great as an entree, side dish, or party finger food! Super quick, tasty and easy to put together. Put these on your holiday finger food menu and youʼll be one happy host.

Roasted Cauliflower Salad with Garlic Yoghurt Dressing

Roasted cauliflower salad with garlic yoghurt dressing is a great salad for winter or summer. Cauliflower florets covered with spices and roasted till they start to caramelise which adds great flavour to this hefty salad. Loaded with fresh coriander, mint, parsley, almonds and chickpeas this salad is filling and satisfying. Topped off with a fresh and zingy lime, garlic and yoghurt dressing. What’s not to like?

Asian slaw

 Asian slaw is super fresh, crunchy and healthy. Loads of fresh herbs, crispy fresh carrots, cabbage, shallots, edamame and snow peas come together with a little spike of chilli and garlic in the dressing, topped off with crunchy fried shallots. What’s not to like! As part of our Christmas Salads Asian Slaw is a wonderfully fresh and zingy way to serve up a crisp salad.

We would love to hear from you in the comments below when you make any of these Christmas Salads

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Christmas Salads Christmas Salads Christmas Salads Christmas Salads

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