Chargrilled Bell Peppers – Capsicums

Chargrilled bell peppers - capsicums

red bell pepper on chargrill

Chargrilled bell peppers – capsicums is a technique that once mastered will completely change the way you think about the use of these fleshy, delicious fruit….yes fruit! In season they grow incredibly fast and give a great crop which makes them perfect for throwing on the bbq and chargrilling for 15-20 minutes to release the sweet, smoky flavour that has so many uses. You can always grill  these in your kitchen if your barbeque is hibernating for winter. Simply cut in half, flatten and place on foil lined tray to grill.One of our favourite ways to use this is our delicious antipasto peppers/capsicum recipe ……  Chargrilled bell peppers with garlic and anchovies

Chargrilled bell peppers/capsicum charring
Bell peppers/capsicum charring


Chargrilled bell pepper showing blackened skin after charring on wooden chopping board
Blackened skin of charred bell pepper


'sweating' chargrilled bell peppers/capsicum in plastic bag with end of bag twisted to keep steam in
‘Sweating’ bell peppers/capsicum in plastic bag with end of bag twisted to keep steam in


Chargrilled bell peppers on chopping board having 'blackened' skin removed after sweating
Peeling ‘blackened’ skin after sweating


chargrilled bell peppers after roasting having charred skin removedflesh
Chargrilled bell peppers-capsicums having blackened skin removed


Chargrilled bell peppers being deseeded with silver knife
Discarding seeds and membrane


slicing chargrilled bell peppers/capsicum ready to use
Slicing chargrilled peppers/capsicum ready to use
red bell pepper on chargrill

Chargrilled bell peppers / red capsicum

These  Chargrilled bell peppers-capsicums super easy and worthwhile making as once cooked the flavour completely changes from the taste of fresh bell pepper (capsicum) to sweet and piquant. With so many uses these will become a welcome addition to your pasta sauces, salads, sandwiches or our fabulous grilled capsicum antipasto ......... Chargrilled bell peppers with garlic and anchovies


  • Red bell peppers/capsicums


  • place whole bell peppers/capsicums on chargrill plate over high heat
  • cook until skin is black overall, turning as skin blackens
  • remove when black all over and place bell peppers/capsicum into a plastic bag and twist top of bag to seal
  • leave to 'sweat' for 10-15 minutes
  • peel charred skin from flesh and halve and discard seeds and any membrane
  • slice into strips ready to use

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