3 Quick Classic Sauces You Need

30 second whole egg mayonnaise

3 quick classic sauces you need

3 Quick Classic Sauces You Need to add to your sauce arsenal. Hollandaise, Béarnaise and Mayonnaise are the trio of the ‘aises’ sauces. Each is egg yolk based with oil added for mayonnaise and melted butter for Béarnaise and Hollandaise.

These sauces can have a reputation as being difficult to make but we promise these 3 quick classic sauces you need are now only minutes away from being whipped up.

Each sauce is a stepping stone to make other sauces

  •  buttermilk and herbs added to mayonnaise and you’ve got Ranch dressing, add garlic and you have aioli or add saffron and paprika and you’ve got rouille.
  • leave out the tarragon in béarnaise and add tomato puree and you have sauce Choron or substitute the tarragon for fresh mint for sauce Paloise
  • add dijon mustard to hollandaise for sauce Dijon, add curry powder for sauce cafe de Paris or add orange juice for sauce Maltaise

You get the picture……

Each of these 3 quick classic sauces you need has been made using the vortex method

No more whisking and whisking and whisking with this revolutionary method. You will need a stick blender for these recipes and a jar that the head of the stick blender fits snugly into. These sauces come together in a minute or two. WE LOVE IT!

The vortex is created when the stick blender gradually pulls down either the oil or butter onto the whirling blade by gently moving the stick blender up and down. Voila! Too easy.

Hollandaise sauce

This hollandaise sauce is unbelievably quick and easy to make. You’ll be putting up eggs Benedict in a flash. The sauce is emulsified with a stick blender in a jar and is foolproof. Instead of heating your eggs and adding the butter, you add hot butter to cold egg yolk. No more whisking and whisking over hot water. Voila! Here’s the link.Easy Hollandaise Sauce  

easy hollandaise sauce served in an oval marble dish with sppoon

30 second whole egg mayonnaise

30 second whole egg mayonnaise is a game changer for making mayonnaise. Have you ever made whole egg mayonnaise before and whisked and whisked and whisked till your arm aches? Or stood by your food processor ever so slowly dripping oil into the egg till it comes together (taking time out to think about what you’re cooking tomorrow or thinking about where you’d like to go for your next holiday). Not anymore! Here’s the link30 Second Whole Egg Mayonnaise

30 second whole egg mayonnaise
30 second homemade mayonnaise

Foolproof Béarnaise Sauce Technique

Foolproof Béarnaise Sauce Technique uses a stick blender, a narrow jar and hot butter to produce a great béarnaise in minutes. No more whisking and whisking and whisking over a double boiler. Two minutes from go to whoa for the whisking part and you’re there. Buttery, rich, tarragon flecked classic French béarnaise sauce, the perfect accompaniment to a beautifully cooked piece of beef. Here’s the link….Foolproof Béarnaise Sauce Technique 

foolproof Bearnaise sauce served on a steak with asparagus and potato

We hope these 3 quick classic sauces you need will become part of your repertoire. Enjoy!


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